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Pico Text Party! Pico Text Party!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun game, not sure why some people don't like it. I beat it in like....5 minutes. XD You just stock pile strength, and then some health, add some needed speed and soon you will be like me. 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3 over and over. It stopped right after I saw the fact I killed Tom. (Sorry Tom.) X3

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Oh no. You killed Tom? Oh shit. I though I took that out of the game. Listen man, I cached all of your parents credit card numbers when you used punch on Tom and automatically donated $15,000 to Newgrounds. Shit, call your parents man. FUCK.
NAahhhhhh JUST was only like $10,000.

Bullet Maze Bullet Maze

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ahhh my brain!

Yeesh this thing is brain challenging. Fun though. Great concept and game play. I was going to give it a 9 however because the lag between ball and cursor is annoying, but I made it work for me. Great job. Oh, and @Supersonic50, for puzzle 19, try this method. On the white lines go back, and forward through the red. That is how I did it, white back, red forward. Give it a shot. =)

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|~Puzzatales2!~| |~Puzzatales2!~|

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Still got it!

Ah, it brings me much joy when another one of your games comes out. Your style is unique and is very much humorous. The first story was just....Messed up....In a good way, the second was funny, and well the bunnies just add a cuteness to wrap it all up. I do hope you make a third, and hopefully it will have a few more stories. Upgrade! The suspense is bad enough waiting for another! But the music tides me over for now...Seriously though, add more stories! I only get sad when the game ends after about 10 minutes. X3

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Escape from ice mountain Escape from ice mountain

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hmmm, very promising.

This game shows high hopes of being something even better. And in 72 hours I can understand the short game play and what not. It reminds me a lot of Dracula Origins with Van Helsing and collecting and combining items to solve puzzles. It would be nice if you put more time and effort into this game to make it longer and the story drawn out more. ((Again, in 72 hours I understand what you have now. XD)) Also, there were a couple of bugs, the same voice talked over itself at times, and the guard in the cannon chamber, his dialouge is bugged. It can be seen after the conversation. In a way this reminded me of Avatar, but reversed. Good story, and hopefully you add more voice actors. This game shows very high hopes of being greater. ^_^ Also, if you wanted to make it more challenging, you could give the player the option of trying to combine items. Just to pick there brains. However, I did deduct 1 star for just a text ending, I would have liked at least a pic of the epilogue. XP 9/10 and 4/5. Keep it up!

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MonoFlauta responds:

ok thanks! Yes all the things you said will be fixed and better in the sequel :) thanks for the review :D

Apples in the Tree Apples in the Tree

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply beautiful....

There are very little words for this game to describe the wonderful aspects of it's game play. I loved smashing the pumpkins, and delivering the wrong letter. XP This game is simply amazing and it will leave the player indeed relaxed and more in tuned to the spirit of it! For those wondering about the song playing during game play, it is by The Dears, and it is called Where the World begins and ends. Here is a link. q5qHU

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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well...other than the load castle not working...

THIS WAS THE BEST GAME I HAVE PLAYED IN SOOOOO LOOONNNGGG!!! Bravo my friend. This puts the pwn, in pwnage. Total domination. Wish there were more levels and more fire ammo...but oh well. Now, I see that when you load the code, it says bad castle data...which sucks....but oh well. Here is my castle.

You have 5 chances to destroy Fort Iron Works. This is assuming load works for you.
Yes I have done it, in less than five. Can you unlock the weakness?
(Message me if you succeed or need hints.)

w_s:668.35,-25|fl_s:405,-81.7|fl_s:80 0,-79.95|w_s:315,358.35|w_s:315,-9.95 |w_s:315,115|w_s:315,239.95|w_s:888.3 5,-11.6|w_s:888.35,111.7|w_s:888.35,2 36.7|w_s:888.4,360|w_i:336.65,-11.65|
w_i:868.35,-11.7|w_i:868.35,358.3|w_i :868.35,111.65|w_i:868.4,235.05|w_i:3 36.65,113.35|w_i:336.7,238.35|w_i:336 .65,361.65|w_s:358.35,361.65|w_s:848.
35,-10.05|w_s:848.35,114.95|w_s:848.3 ,365|w_s:848.4,239.9|w_s:295,360|fl_s :801.7,-93.35|fl_s:698.35,-106.7|fl_s :501.7,-105.05|fl_s:601.7,-118.35|p_t :543.3,-148.35|p_t:656.7,-146.7|p_t:8 56.7,-121.7|c_k:596.7,388.35|c_p:636.
7,385|c_q:560,385|c_s:436.65,-146.7|c _s:743.35,-150|w_s:296.65,236.65|w_s:
25,361.65|w_s:398.35,360|w_s:466.65,3 60|w_s:445,358.35|w_s:423.35,360|w_i:
398.35,-8.35|w_i:420,-8.35|w_i:443.35 ,-8.35|w_i:461.65,-8.35|w_i:400,116.6 5|w_i:421.7,116.6|w_i:443.3,116.65|w_
i:466.65,116.65|w_i:400,238.35|w_i:42 1.7,241.65|w_i:445,241.7|w_i:466.7,24 0|fl_w:580,-85|w_s:550,-18.35|w_s:568 .35,-18.35|w_s:590.05,-16.7|w_s:611.7 ,-20|w_s:630,-20|w_s:648.35,-26.7|ws_
348.35,-111.7|ws_s:373.35,-110|w_s:73 0,-10|w_s:391.7,-146.65|w_s:278.35,11 3.3|w_s:276.7,-10|w_s:278.35,236.65|w _s:276.55,359.95|w_s:748.35,-11.65|w_
s:768.35,-11.65|w_s:786.7,-10|w_s:806 .65,-11.7|w_s:826.7,-15|f_i:766.65,54 .9|w_i:826.65,109.95|w_i:805,121.65|w _i:785.05,121.65|w_i:765,121.65|w_i:7 31.65,121.65|w_i:750,120|w_i:731.65,2 45|w_i:753.35,243.35|w_i:770,245|w_i:
786.7,245|w_i:805,245|w_i:826.7,233.3 5|w_i:826.7,356.65|w_i:808.35,358.35|
w_i:791.7,361.7|w_i:770,356.65|w_i:74 6.7,356.65|w_i:731.7,355|ws_s:278.35,
-101.65|ws_s:298.35,-101.7|fs_s:284.9 ,-138.35|fl_s:756.7,-230|ws_s:603.35,
7|ws_s:806.7,-126.7|ws_s:806.7,-188.3 5|fl_s:480,-218.3|p_t:579.9,-248.35|w s_s:371.65,-171.65|fs_i:356.65,-206.7 |fs_i:355,-216.7|p_t:383.35,-246.7|p_
t:598.35,143.3|f_s:310,-148.35|f_s:31 5,-158.35|f_s:315,-168.35|f_s:313.25,
-178.35|f_s:313.35,-186.7|f_s:315,-19 6.7|p_t:481.65,-246.65|p_t:708.35,-25 8.35|p_t:801.7,-260|w_i:356.65,-10|w_
i:375,-10|w_i:378.35,114.95|w_i:358.2 5,113.3|w_i:358.25,238.3|w_i:378.35,2 36.65|c_n:921.7,375|c_n:641.65,-263.2 5|c_n:1093.4,383.35|c_n:1138.4,383.35 |c_n:1233.35,378.35|c_n:1186.75,381.6 |c_n:1051.65,381.7|c_s:470,-143.35|c_

Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hehe, 5/10.

I shall give this a 5/5 and a 10/10 because it's addicting an awesome. However, seeing as though the all time score is like...218000+...I won't waste more time on this except for a fun shoot em up. Got to like...37k I think...hehe. I spent three hours getting there, that's good enough for me. Mwuahaha. Very well done. With the tactic I had, I could have easily surpassed 220k. ((Just would have taken me like...a bajillion years. XD))

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